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Dorset Virtual Tours was setup by web developer and artist, Michael Sibley as both a complement to his existing web development company and as an outlet for his photography passion.

As with his web development and painting, Michael sees attention to detail as being of prime importance and will not cut corners to save time or make a job easier.

All virtual tours are shot using Canon's latest full-frame cameras and their professional L series lenses, ensuring image quality is truly outstanding and that the experience is as immersive as possible.

Michael's extensive web development experience ensures that the service he offers continues beyond just the creation of his virtual tours. Factors such as installation, hosting and platform optimisation are all dealt with as part of the package.

360° Interactive Virtual Tour of St Mary's Church, Maiden Newton

My home village of Maiden Newton, near Dorchester, Dorset, is home to one of the most beautiful rural churches I have visited, so it was obviously going to be turned into an interactive virtual tour sooner or later! 

Nestling on the banks of the Dorset Frome, much of St Mary's dates back to the 1100's and boasts what is reputed to be the oldest door still on it's original hinges in the UK dating back to around 1450 (see first interior panorama behind communion table).  It is said that until the 1940's, the door still had some of Oliver Cromwell’s lead shot embedded in it from the civil war but unfortunately all that is left now are a few pockmarks.

More information about St Mary's Church, Maiden Newton can be found on their website at www.stmarysmaidennewton.co.uk and a good historical account of the building can be found on the Maiden Newton website at www.maidennewton.info.

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To arrange your virtual tour either email Michael on michael@Dorsetvirtualtours.com or give him a call on 07817729357