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Dorset Virtual Tours was setup by web developer and artist, Michael Sibley as both a complement to his existing web development company and as an outlet for his photography passion.

As with his web development and painting, Michael sees attention to detail as being of prime importance and will not cut corners to save time or make a job easier.

All virtual tours are shot using Canon's latest full-frame cameras and their professional L series lenses, ensuring image quality is truly outstanding and that the experience is as immersive as possible.

Michael's extensive web development experience ensures that the service he offers continues beyond just the creation of his virtual tours. Factors such as installation, hosting and platform optimisation are all dealt with as part of the package.

360° Interactive Virtual Tour of Arnos Vale Cemetery, Bristol

With some time to kill before my train after a meeting in Bristol CIty Centre I went for a walk and stumbled across Arnos Vale Cemetery -  an overgrown, wooded graveyard on the Bath Road.  As you enter the cemetery it looks well kept and even boasts a stylish cafe and wedding venue, but as you explore further you find your self in an enchanting environment of thick undergrowth and ivy covered graves. 

Some may say it's a bit morbid hanging around in graveyards but I was completely taken with it and vowed I would come back with my camera.  Next time I was in Bristol I did just that and here is the result.

The grounds were established in 1839 with a layout inspired by the famous Père-Lachaise cemetery in Paris. The aim was to create a spacious and green garden cemetery with references to the classical Greek style whilst also relieving some of the overcrowding being experienced by other cemeteries in the city.  Today it is a welcome refuge from the hustle and bustle of Bristol and finds itself being re-purposed for events and recreation whilst also upholding the memory of those who are buried there.

More information can be found on the Arnos Vale Cemetery website at www.arnosvale.org.uk.

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